Tip 1 – Model

Teachers are required to model the whole class. Due to the language barrier, our yogis would struggle to follow cueing only. They follow the teacher’s every move!

Tip 2 – Cueing

Be mindful of the level of language you use in your cueing – don’t over cue as this would become more of a distraction for the language learners. Be clear and concise when articulating the cues.

Tip 3 – High energy

Our yogis are very energetic and grateful for every lesson; teachers should try to maintain an upbeat delivery. We usually remind our yogis to smile!

 Tip 4 – Swahili

Not essential, but you may want to become familiar with some Swahili key phrases.

You can find some Swahili yoga cards here: My Little Zen Yoga Cards

You can find some Swahili key phrases here: Swahili Phrases

Tip 5 – My Little Zen Mantra

During savasana, we use the following mantra and ask the children to repeat after the teacher (some community managers also translate):

I am brave
I am strong
I am kind
and I am LOVE

Lesson plan sample

The lesson is usually around 45 minutes long, which is guided by the playlist. Teachers are free to add their own creativity to the flow but are asked to embed key ‘My Little Zen’ signature transition postures as detailed in the below lesson plan.



Time Focus Tips Playlist Number
10 mins Sacred Space
*Key asana*
Lion’s breath, head / neck rolls, stretching shoulders, cat-cow Songs 1-2
25 mins Sun A
Sun salutation (perhaps add some spinal waves – modifications using cobra rather than chaturanga for Beginners)
Song 3
Sun B Warrior One
Track 4-5
Sun C Warrior Two, Three, Moons (depending on the level)
Track 6-7
Juicer Inject a juicer / log to bring energy levels to the peak (E.g., Warrior squats)
Track 8 (this song is  upbeat )
5 mins Tree
*Key asana*
Warrior squat bind moving into low tree, high tree, flying figure four. Track 9 (the tempo  slows down here)
Yin A couple of deep stretch postures (pigeon, forward fold)
Track 10
5 mins Savasana / end My Little Zen mantra Track 11