Online Yoga Package (6 x classes)

Online Yoga Package (6 x classes)

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This product grants you access to up to six online yoga classes with one of our instructors. Our yoga flow provides a satisfying mix of relaxation, breathwork, and energising movement.

Flow yoga, also known as Vinyasa Flow, is a style of yoga where the instructor guides you from one posture to another, following the breath. This continuous flow of movement and breath helps you achieve a meditative state.

The date and time of your yoga sessions will be arranged through mutual agreement after purchase. You have the flexibility to customise the level of difficulty of your sessions based on your personal preference. Our sessions are open to all ages and abilities, so anyone can join in and benefit from our yoga classes.


 Did you know?

The purchase of this yoga package helps us provide internet access for a year to a developing community.  Through purchasing this product, you can contribute to our work in Africa and positively impact communities in need. To learn more about our initiatives and the communities we support visit our connecting Africa page or contact us.