4 x Online Weekly Flow Sessions SALE

4 x Online Weekly Flow Sessions SALE

Regular price Dhs. 15.00

We are planning to launch our next face-to-face and online 'Themed Flow Event' in September. In the meantime, enjoy a package of 4 x online weekly flows for a special trial price! 

Online Weekly Flow Schedule (included in this package):


We encourage everyone to join in the live session to feel the energy of everyone flowing together around the world! BUT you will also be given 30 days access to replay the live sessions if you can't join us live.

Online Weekly Flow:

Please note that the approach to the online weekly flows are very different to the themed events. There will be no theme and the music is more acoustic in nature. The flow includes a range of asanas (postures) in preparation for the future themed events. 

Once you have purchased your online package, you will receive a personalised Zoom Webinar link within 24 hours.  During the Zoom webinar you will be able to see us and interact with us via the live chat, but we will not be able to see you.

We hope you enjoy our trial online sessions and look forward to welcoming you to our future themed events!