Jasmin's Story

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This is the start of my journey...

In April a friend of mine noticed a large lump on my neck. I had noticed it before but thought nothing of it and stupidly thought I just had a protruding Adam's apple.

A couple weeks later my mum noticed the same lump. This time I thought it was best to get it checked out.

My doctor booked in blood tests and an ultrasound. My blood test came back all clear. My ultrasound showed a large amount of mass around 1.5 inches large on my thyroid. I was told that the left side of my thyroid was classified U3 meaning indeterminate.

I was referred to a specialist who booked me in for another ultrasound and a biopsy. During the second ultrasound a second lump was found but this time on the side of my neck where my lymph nodes are. The biopsy result showed abnormal cells and thyroid tissue mass in the second lump.

On the 21st September 2021, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer 😔.

I want to share my journey with the hope of raising awareness, helping others and having a platform to discuss my feelings and emotions.

Get lumps checked!

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