Teacher Induction

Thank you for joining our recent call! We greatly appreciate your time. As discussed, we would like you to spend some time completing the following steps:

  1. Watch the class recording further down this page. Please read the accompanying notes under the video which explain the activities and offers useful tips.

  2. Fill out this form highlighting your availability to teach with us:  https://forms.office.com/r/Bx9fzsyRWh 

  3. Take a moment to read about some of our communities using this link.

  4. Once you've completed the steps above, please send us a WhatsApp message at (+971509955824) or an email to info@mylittlezen.com to inform us that you're ready to join.

  5. After you've completed these steps, we will add you to the teacher WhatsApp group and assign you to class (which we will double check with you first).  Please ensure you have a laptop and a Bluetooth headset or clip-on microphone so you are ready to teach.  We will provide the technical steps once you join the group.   If you do not have a Microphone, we have been using this one from Amazon.

Watch a class Recording  

  • Multiple Communities Engagement: The class  engages four communities simultaneously, emphasizing enjoyment over strict alignment.
  • Class Initiation: The instructor proactively starts the class with a "shall we start?" prompt, proceeding even if students are not fully engaged with the camera. As you can see, students will start to follow along.
  • Audio Management: The teacher has got the right balance of music and voice. Check with the participants if the music volume is appropriate, ensuring they can hear instructions clearly. Adjustments can be made directly on the website.
  • Handling Technical Issues: About 3 minutes into a session, you can see there was an instance of  a lost connection, possibly due to poor weather conditions. The instructor continues teaching, while affected students make efforts to rejoin the class.