My Little Zen Run for Water

Contributions made via My Little Zen will be sent directly to We Africa. 
Hi, my name is Hayley and I am originally from Manchester.
I was shocked to read about the global situation. I could not believe we are in 2022, yet still, billions of people across the globe do not have access to clean drinking water. It's something we take for granted in the UK that we will turn on the tap and have access to clean drinking water inside our homes.
I have roots in Italy and was inspired to learn that Adriano Nuzzo and his wife Giulia founded an association called Africa to red earth in 2015. Their vision was clear - to bring help and support to the Burkinabé people through the construction of water wells (SDG 6) and the education of children (SDG 4).
Adriano works relentlessly to raise awareness and funds, followed by frequent missions to Burkina Faso where he uses his trade as a plumber to physically install water wells and document his missionary work.
I am a keen yoga enthusiast and facilitator. The attributes of yoga are at the heart of my values - bringing like-minded people together to unite and embrace change.
I have been inspired by the work of We Africa and my aim is to raise enough funds to help them construct one water well. The yoga events I have been running have been to raise funds for We Africa.
My cousin Angie has been running in a number of races, pushing her body to the limit in order to raise money for We Africa. I was really excited to learn my mum (Sandra) and brother (Bobby) will be taking part in a 5K race very soon for the same cause! This energy has been shared and spread to others.
Manchester and the people of the UK - let's come together and help provide clean water across the globe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for whatever amount you can donate, every little really does make a big difference.
Here is one of my yoga events held in Mancehster with all profits going to We Africa.


Contributions made via My Little Zen will be sent directly to We Africa.