Music for your Soul

Listening to music feels good and it improves your health - even though we don’t exactly know whyAfter a stressful week at work, studying, dealing with the kids (or pets!), the right tune can help you relax. Music can enhance feelings of joy  when you are happy and give you space when you are feeling melancholic.  With the right music, almost every situation feels manageable.

Did you know that…
  • Music is as old as the human race and has remained a constant through the evolution of culture within our species.
  • It is said by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi that when we listen to music, we enter a “flow state” and in these moments “we feel our best and perform our best”.
  • Music awakens emotions and memories inside you as it transports us to a certain era or location. 

Flowing to music

Selecting the right music is a science of its own. Music fits with the mood we want to foster through the theme and the movements of each flow. Movement through the postures is matched with the breath, creating an even greater sense of flow, strength, ease and tension release. We enhance your senses one step further by incorporating a theme into the music, allowing you to connect deeper - with the moment. All of our yogis receive the themed playlist after our flows allowing them to return to their little zen in their own time!