Cisco Networking Academy

We have partnered with Cisco, a global leader in technology, to bring free education to underserved communities and make a real impact towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We begin by harnessing the power of yoga to cultivate essential life skills, building a strong foundation for our learners. With our valuable partnership with Cisco, as a Cisco Networking Academy, we then embark on a digital pathway.


Our learners embark on their digital journey by learning essential digital literacy skills, which are beneficial for individuals across all career paths. But that's not where the journey ends - our commitment extends beyond the fundamentals. We provide advanced technical courses that unlock doors to exciting prospects in cutting-edge disciplines like cybersecurity, networking, data science, and more. Ultimately, this empowers our communities with improved access to employment opportunities facilitated by digital technologies.

Through our partnership with Cisco, we are not only transforming lives but also fostering a ripple effect in communities. When individuals acquire these power skills, they become agents of change, lifting themselves and others out of poverty. They become ambassadors of progress, driving innovation, and contributing to the achievement of the SDGs on a global scale.

Together, we can create a world where the impact of education and technology knows no bounds, transforming lives and shaping a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.